Where to Buy Wholesale New England Gifts

You could attend a show at a large convention center or other wholesale center. Shopping in person takes time and effort to go to the show and look through all of the products. You could also shop online but how do you find the best places to buy New England gifts at wholesale prices? Online how do you know the site is legitimate? Let’s investigate both online and offline shopping options.

Wholesale New England Gift Marketplaces

There are a variety of wholesale New England gift marketplaces you could visit. You could attend a show like the “New England Made Shows” or a product show in a specific state like “Made in Connecticut Expo”. There are other places to purchase New England products at wholesale prices like the “Northeast Market Center”.

About Northeast Market Center

The Northeast Market Center located in Hudson, Massachusetts is the home of the Gift And Decorative Center Association, which is also known as GDACA. “GDACA is an association of wholesale rep groups which formed over 35 years ago, with the purpose of creating a wholesale gift mart in New England.” Northeast Market Center is home to permanent showrooms for vendors you know and trust. You can visit their showrooms to see the new products they are carrying this season. They also show temporary vendors who exhibit throughout the year.

Shopping for Wholesale New England gifts online

Why not shop online for wholesale products online. Shopping online is convenient. However, it does have it’s drawbacks. You can’t actually see and touch the product. You can only look at photos and you hope that the product designer has good photographs. You can’t work with a person face-to-face. You can only send them an email. But, it could save you a lot of time.

Request a Free Sample

If you are shopping for wholesale New England gifts online you should ask the wholesale distributor for a sample. If you can’t touch and feel the product in person a sample will help you figure out if it is a product you would be willing to sell in your shop. Not all wholesale suppliers will be willing to give you a sample but it never hurts to ask. They may give you a free product sample and require that you pay shipping. They will definitely require that you provide your sales tax license to prove you own a business because they aren’t going to give out free samples to everyone.

Sweetie’s Wholesale New England Gifts

Some of Sweetie’s products are available at wholesale prices. Our popular Nantucket, Cape Cod, and other New England key fobs are available at wholesale prices. You can have a custom key fob made for your town, state, club, school, or have a name added. These Nautical key fobs also make great fundraiser items for schools and PTO organizations.

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