Things to Sell in a School Store

If you are running a school store whether it is in a college or high school, you need good quality things to sell. We will look into all of the things you can sell in a school store to give you a lot of ideas.

What are good things to sell in a high school store?

There are some basic items you should carry in your high school store like pencils, paper, and notebooks but you should also carry items your students want and not just need to have a successful store that makes money. You want to try to buy them in bulk to save money.

School Supplies

The things high school students need the most and often forget the most are pencil, pens and paper. Even in the age of computers, tablets and phones, these 3 items are needed everything by high school students. Some other things high school students may need on a regular basis are notebooks, highlighters, staplers (the small pocket-size staplers), pencil sharpeners, markers, folders, highlighters, and erasers.

Don’t just sell boring #2 yellow pencils. Give students a choice of colorful pencils with their favorite game characters, trendy designs, emojis, and patterns to choose from. Themed items are endless. Just make sure to focus on themes that are current for your high school population. If you find a good theme you can sell pens, pencils, notebooks, bookmarks, keychains, and more.

Branded Logo Items

Some of the best things to sell are branded merchandise with your school’s name on them. You want to promote School Pride so keep this type of merchandise on hand as it is always in demand. Make sure your high school store has branded hats, t-shirt, bumper stickers, car window stickers, portable cups, and even other things like key chains, backpacks or licenses plate holders.

Snacks and Drinks

Snacks are a must at any high school store. They are probably the #2 sellers after pencils, pens and paper. Snacks like personal size bags of chips, fresh muffins and homemade cookies, candy, juice, energy bars, water bottles, and fresh fruit are the top snack items that should be in your high school store.

What are good things to sell in a college store?

We are talking about a physical college store here and not an online store. When students are on college campus they are not usually near a big box store and may be in need of some items. If they didn’t forgot something they often go to the college store to browse and see what is new so don’t just carry the basic supplies, also carry things that are “impulse buys”. Carry items that catch their eye and make them want to shop in your college store.

Food Items

Food items such as pre-made sandwiches and wraps are great to sell to college students. They don’t have time to fix a meal so the “grab and go” food options work well in college stores. Granola bars and energy drinks are also high demand in a college store.

Branded School Merchandise

Brand School merchandise such a t-shirts, hoodies, water bottles, magnets, leggings, sweaters, sweat pants, key chains, backpacks, tote bags, and even blankets are definitely a must for any college store inventory. College branded gift items are also great to sell in a college shop because when friends, visitors and families come to visit they will definitely want to buy something with the college name and logo on it to show their school pride. If a student is required to wear an ID, college branded lanyards are also good to sell in your college store.

School Supplies

School supplies like paper, pencils, pens and notebooks should be stocked in your college store. You may want to include some specialty items like Scientific calculators, mechanical pencils, and rulers are good to sell because some classes may require a tool that isn’t easy to find anywhere else. See what classes are being held that may require specific equipment and try to stock a small selection of these unique items.

Small Electronics

Electronics are also good to have on hand. If your budget allows, keep a few laptops and tablets for sell. For cheaper options, you could carry head phones, earbuds, power strips, thumb drives and even small appliances like alarm clocks, coffee makers and toaster ovens.

Computer rentals are a unique way for your college store to earn income. If a student cannot afford to purchase a computer or laptop, have them available to rent. You could rent a computer or laptop for a day, week, month or for the whole term with the policy, “if you break it, you buy it!”

Gadget and Games

College students usually love to play games. If there is a party they may bring a game to play with a small group or a crowd. Card games, board games, and even drinking games are just some of the games you could stock in your college store. Gadgets like stress balls, snap bracelets, sleep headphones, and any type of trendy impulse item might do well in a college store.

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