Do you like Yoplait Yogurt Frozen?

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I like making my own popsicles, usually with grape juice, but someone on my Facebook wall suggested that I try yogurt. So we picked up a 6-pack of the kids Yoplait yogurt at the Commissary this past weekend. I mainly got that because it said on the packaging that it came with sticks to put in the cup to make it easy to use.

Yoplait Yogurt Kids 6 Pack Frozen
Here is my frozen Yoplait yogurt cup outside with me while I am working in the garden.

Well, first off, it is a STICK and not sticks. You get one plastic stick that you can use over and over. To me, if this is designed for kids you should have 6 sticks, one for each yogurt cup so that if you have more than one kid in the house they don’t have to wait for a day until their yogurt is frozen and ready.

The other bad thing about this plastic stick is that while it is made of heavy plastic it is not sturdy enough to hold the heavy, frozen cup of yogurt. The cup was swaying back and forth as I tried to eat it.

I do like the flavor choices they offers and while I am far from being a kid the flavors appealed to me. In this pack I got Strawberry Kiwi and Cotton Candy.

The cups are small, designed for oung kids, so if you get that pack you need to know that. You do get less in each cup because of this. If it is cheaper to get the larger cups then I would suggest that. Buy some regular ole wooden popsicle sticks from Michaels Crafts or Wal-mart.

Now, onto the question – Do you like your Yoplait yogurt frozen?

For me, it’s a no. I love Yoplait yogurt. It is my favorite but frozen I absolutely do not. When you freeze yogurt it’s not like the creamy yogurt you get at an ice cream parlor. My experience is that if you don’t eat it right away the outer layer gets slimy – yuck. The rest of this frozen yogurt has an icy texture so you totally miss the creaminess that you love with Yoplait.

I can say that I will not freeze my Yoplait yogurt again anytime soon and will keep making my grape juice popsicles. Someone did suggest making pudding pops. Maybe I will try that next.

FTC Complaince: this review is from Yoplait yogurt I purchased on my own and no one contacted me to do this review.


  1. Try La Creme yogurt cups. They are the only yogurt that I've tried frozen that is actually creamy and tastes more like frozen yogurt!

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